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Upgrade Your Veterinary Clinic with Advanced Waste Anesthetic Gas Evacuation Systems!

E Vac+ Waste Anesthetic Gas Evacuation System

Gast type oil-less pump with Sound Shield¼” NPT Inlet/Outlet
HZ: 60Volts: 120
Amps: 6.6Sound Level: less than 60db(A) at 5 feet
Weight: 31 lbsDimensions: 11” x 11” x 10 3/8”
Construction: Powder Coated, 18ga Steel

Key Features

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Evac+ Active Pump: Featuring the advanced Evac+ Active Pump for efficient performance and reliability.

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Maintenance-Free: Designed to be hassle-free, ensuring minimal maintenance demands for busy veterinary clinics.

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Easy Installation: Quick and easy installation with an electrical cord, eliminating the need for hardwiring.

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Silencer Kit: Includes a silencer kit to reduce exhaust noise, providing a quieter clinic environment.

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Vibration Reduction: Equipped with rubber mounts to minimize vibration, ensuring stable and quiet operation.

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Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all piped gas outlets, offering versatility and convenience for your clinic’s needs.

What you’ll need

Vacuum interface post mount (SKU: VAC-23-VIP)
Vacuum interface Wall Mount (SKU: VAC-23-VIW)

Veta Vac Waste Anesthetic Gas Evacuation System

Actively removes WAG at the pop-off valve on all anesthetic machines and on all styles of non-rebreathing systems. Safely vents waste gases outside the clinic via a vacuum fan power unit.


Does not restrict patient's breathing

Does not increase anesthetic gas consumption

Does not change oxygen flow rates

Balanced pull of WAG at each station

Atmospheric equalizers will not leak gas when breathing bag is manually emptied

Adapts to any anesthetic machine

System can support a maximum of 12 locations

Why Choose Vetamac?

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Reliability and Durability: Our systems are designed for long-term use with consistent performance.

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Enhanced Safety: Reduce health risks associated with anesthetic gases by using our advanced evacuation systems.

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Ease of Use: Simple installation and intuitive operation for optimal convenience.

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