Introducing the Veterinary Anesthesia Museum


A Veterinary Anesthesia Museum?  Yes!  Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. The message in this metaphor is about the power of innovation.  Build a better anesthesia machine and the veterinary profession will beat a path to your door.  This museum will be about the history of making veterinary anesthesia safer for the patient and for the provider.  

Join us for something new – a museum devoted to Veterinary Anesthesia.  The purpose of this museum is to educate the veterinary profession as well as the public about:

  • The equipment used in veterinary anesthesia 

The equipment used in veterinary anesthesia 

Some of the pioneers in veterinary anesthesia 

Textbooks and articles about veterinary anesthesia

The history of the manufacturers and distributors of anesthesia equipment

Organizations that provide specialty training for anesthesia professionals. (See the accompanying photos of examples of some of the exhibits in the museum.)

The vision of this museum is to be recognized as the foremost institution in the region that serves as a resource for collecting, preserving, and educating about the history of veterinary anesthesia.   

The museum is incorporated under the laws of Indiana and has tax exempt status under IRS code 501c3.  All contributions are tax deductible.   

If you would like to join in this unique project, you may contribute (via Vetamac/Disopmed) communications and websites.