Veta Vac Waste Anesthetic Gas Evacuation System

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The Veta Vac system actively removes WAG at the pop-off valve on all anesthetic machines and on all styles of non-rebreathing systems. The waste gases are then safely vented outside the clinic via a vacuum fan power unit.


  • Does not restrict patient's breathing
  • Does not increase anesthetic gas consumption
  • Does not change oxygen flow rates
  • Balanced pull of WAG at each station
  • Atmospheric equalizers will not leak gas when breathing bag is manually emptied
  • Adapts to any anesthetic machine
  • System can support a maximum of 12 locations


  • Ceiling valve or wall valve at each location
  • Atmospheric equalizer on each anesthetic machine
  • Veta Vac power unit

The Veta Vac Waste Anesthetic Gas Evacuation System is warranted by Vetamac to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from invoice date of original purchase.

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