Vaporizer Cleaning and Recalibration

Elevating the Precision of Your Anesthesia

Our Vaporizer Cleaning and Recalibration service is designed to ensure that your vaporizer operates with the utmost accuracy, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Seamless Service with Loaner Vaporizers:

We recognize that disruptions to your surgery schedule are far from ideal. That's why we offer a seamless solution: allowing us to provide you with a loaner vaporizer during the service and recalibration of your existing unit. This ensures that your surgical procedures can proceed without interruption.

Anesthesia Vaporizer

When to Consider Service and Recalibration

Vetamac recommends a service and recalibration of your vaporizer if you encounter any of the following situations:

Output Not Within Acceptable Limits

If you observe that the output of your vaporizer falls outside acceptable limits, it's essential to address this issue promptly to maintain precision in anesthesia delivery.

Failed Pressure Test

A failed pressure test can indicate potential issues with your vaporizer's integrity. Our service includes pressure testing to ensure its reliability.

Visibly Poor Condition

Visual inspections can reveal wear, damage, or degradation in your vaporizer. If it appears to be in poor condition, it's time for service and recalibration.

Five Years Since Last Service

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and precision of your vaporizer. If it has been five years or more since your vaporizer was last cleaned and recalibrated, it's time for a service.

Comprehensive Cleaning and Recalibration Process:

At Vetamac, we specialize in the cleaning and recalibration of Ohio and Tec 3 vaporizers, employing a meticulous process that ensures precision and reliability:

Complete Disassembly and Inspection: Each vaporizer is disassembled and thoroughly inspected, ensuring that all components are in optimal condition.

Thorough Cleaning: All parts are meticulously cleaned to remove contaminants and residues that may affect performance.

Replacement of Critical Components: O-rings, gaskets, and wicks are replaced to ensure the integrity of your vaporizer.

Reassembly and Leak Testing: The unit is reassembled and subjected to rigorous internal and external leak testing to verify its performance and safety.

Precise Calibration: Each vaporizer is individually calibrated to each stop on the dial, ensuring that it delivers accurate and consistent concentrations of anesthetic agents.

Service for Various Vaporizer Brands

In addition to Ohio and Tec 3 vaporizers, Vetamac provides service for Tec 4, Tec 5, Drager, Penlon, and Bickford vaporizers. Our expertise extends to a wide range of brands, ensuring that your specific needs are met.

Choose Vetamac for Vaporizer Cleaning and Recalibration:

When it comes to the precision and reliability of your vaporizer, Vetamac is your trusted partner. Our commitment to excellence in cleaning and recalibration ensures that your anesthesia delivery is accurate and consistent. Contact us today to schedule your vaporizer service and recalibration and experience the Vetamac difference in precision and safety. Your patients deserve nothing less.

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