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Give your patients the best care possible with Vetamac's industry-leading animal health anesthesia services. Each one of our technicians has been certified by completing Vetamac's comprehensive Van-Gard 7 Training Program, covering all major brands of anesthetic machines used in veterinary medicine. In addition to being a distributor of quality anesthesia machines, supplies, and accessories, Vetamac is dedicated to education and offers a variety of services to keep your anesthesia equipment up to date, maintained, and to help you and your staff stay informed about the proper use and maintenance of your machines and supplies.

Anesthesia Machine Service includes:

A verification and test of the following components on the machine:

  • High and low-pressure circuits.
  • Flowmeter and oxygen flush valve.
  • Rebreathing circuit and accessories.
  • Non-rebreathing circuit and accessories.
  • Gas evacuation system.
  • Overall condition of the machine.

A pressure test of the following components:

  • High and low-pressure circuits.
  • Breathing circuit and one-way valves.
  • Vaporizer (internal and external).

A calibration check of each vaporizer including the following:

  • Visual examination of the vaporizer.
  • Verification of the vaporizer output through the full range of settings.

Replacement parts as needed.

Lab Animal Anesthesia Machine Service includes:

Meets IACUC and AALAS standards.

  • On-Site machine service for all types of machines.
  • Required documentation is provided.
  • All components of the machine are tested and verified.
  • Vaporizer calibration is verified.
  • Machine and vaporizer are pressure tested.
  • Repair parts for many brands of machine.
  • Accessories and products for various lab set-ups.

Animal research institutions are required to provide regular maintenance of gas anesthesia equipment and verification of the output, to comply with NIOSH/OSHA standards for human health, and with regulatory agencies governing research animal health (USDA, NIH/OLAW, and AAALAC International).  All agencies encourage institutions to establish standard operating policies regarding anesthetic machine use and maintenance.  

Current standards in the industry vary from semi-annual to triennial requirements for vaporizer output testing, depending on use.  Such service may best be provided onsite, because the service may then include examination and monitoring of the entire anesthetic machine, to check for inappropriate connections and improperly functioning components, such as flutter valves, gaskets, tubing, hoses, connecting devices, and scavenging equipment.  Companies that sell vaporizers and recommend only triennial “depot” service (sending the vaporizer in to their shop) are not advising the best service for research organizations.  According to the AAALAC International FAQs:  “Note that NIOSH (Health Care Workers Guidelines/Chap5) states that all anesthetic equipment must be regularly monitored for leakage, improper design, or defects...The manufacturer of your vaporizer should have recommended intervals for both on-site calibration and for maintenance that requires sending the vaporizer in to them, as well as recommended maintenance intervals for the rest of the anesthetic machine.”  (https://www.aaalac.org/accreditation-program/faqs/).text#D1, question E1, Calibrating anesthetic equipment).   

Very few companies provide onsite service to cover all of the previously mentioned components, and also provide depot services when required – and all at a reasonable price. Companies that service human hospitals have been used by many animal research institutions, especially ones affiliated with human hospitals – however, these companies often are quite expensive and have no familiarity with the varied design of research animal anesthesia equipment setup.  Vetamac, Inc. has many years of experience providing such services to animal research institutions, and has well-qualified technicians providing services in parts or all of 18 states, including SD, NE, KS, IA, MO, WI, IL, IN, MI, KY, OH, PA, VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, and FL.  Please call 800-334-1583 for further information.

Anesthesia Machine Repair

We can repair most anesthesia machines and most repairs can be completed on site.  We fabricate parts for some of the older anesthetic machines.

Vetamac will provide a loaner machine if it becomes necessary to repair your machine in our shop.

The client will be notified before making any changes or modifications to the anesthetic machine.

Ask about new updates or accessories for your machine.

Vaporizer Cleaning and Recalibration

Vaporizer service can be accomplished with no disruption to your surgery schedule by allowing us to provide you with a loaner vaporizer.

We recommend a service and recalibration of the vaporizer if:

  • The output is not within acceptable limits.
  • The vaporizer fails the pressure test.
  • The vaporizer is visibly in poor condition.
  • The vaporizer has not been cleaned and recalibrated in the last five years. 

We clean and recalibrate Ohio and Tec 3 vaporizers by performing the following in our lab:

  • Each vaporizer is completely disassembled and inspected.
  • All parts are thoroughly checked and cleaned.
  • O-rings, gaskets, and wicks are replaced.
  • The unit is reassembled and tested for internal and external leaks.
  • Each vaporizer is then calibrated to each stop on the dial.

We can also provide service for Tec 4, Tec 5, Drager, Penlon, and Bickford vaporizers.

Hallowell Veterinary Ventilator Service includes:

  • A visual inspection to verify that none of the components are broken, missing, dented, etc.
  • Verification of the following controls and alarms:
        -Maximum working pressure limit alarm
        -Low breathing system pressure alarm
        -Low gas supply alarm
        -Flow control valve
        -Rate control
  • Cleaning the pop-off valve seat and flap.
  • Verification of the pop-off valve opening pressure.
  • Cleaning and lubricating the bellows housing(s).

Any repair of the electronic circuitry requires shipping the ventilator to the manufacturer.

Periodic Monitoring of Waste Gases

The Halogenated Anesthetic Vapor Monitor can be used to measure personal exposure or room concentrations of isoflurane and sevoflurane.

The American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) has established an exposure limit of 50 ppm as an 8-hour time-weight average.  OSHA does not have its own standard, but generally adopts the limits of the ACGIH.

The organic vapor monitoring badge uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for easy collection of organic vapors.  For personal exposure, clip the badge near the breathing zone.  For room exposure, place it at about breathing level.

The maximum recommended exposure period for the vapor monitor is 8 hours.  The badge can be used for shorter periods, such as one continuous surgical procedure or during successive patients when these anesthetics are used.  The badge is mailed to an independent laboratory.  Results are sent to the return address and are generally available within 48 hours.

See our store to purchase the monitoring badges.

If you're concerned about personnel who could potentially be exposed, please visit the 3M website and search for 3M Organic Vapor Respirators 5000 Series. 

Oxygen & Waste Gas Systems

Whether you're building a new clinic or remodeling an existing one, Vetamac can help you plan an oxygen system to meet your specific needs.  We have everything you need to equip your new facility with a central oxygen system, including ceiling and wall outlets, and manifold systems.  We will consult with your contractor regarding any questions concerning oxygen systems and waste anesthetic gas evacuations.

Vetamac is a distributor for Western Enterprises giving us access to a variety of medical gas products, manifolds & controls in a timely manner.  We can provide a variety of quick connect fittings for oxygen, nitrous oxide, air, and suction.  We can provide for all of your medical gas needs from the wall to the patient!  Contact us early to help with the layout and design of your new facility.

Educational Seminars

Our educational seminars will enrich your business by offering crucial industry skills taught by experts who care. During our seminars, we teach how to identify the various components of the anesthetic machines and how each component functions. For your convenience, we can hold our seminar at your clinic and will schedule it to fit around your responsibilities. 


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