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Use this maintenance checklist to keep your anesthetic machines clean and working at peak performance.

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Use this chart to estimate consumption of liquid isoflurane and sevoflurane per hour.

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Use this chart as a guideline to determine the appropriate size rebreathing bag for veterinary patients.

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Vetamac Vapors Vol. XIV Issue 3: Capnography

By Vetamac | October 18, 2018 | Comments Off on Vetamac Vapors Vol. XIV Issue 3: Capnography

Capnography Vetamac Vapors Vol. XIV Issue 3 Fall 2018 By:Kelli Gill, RVT, VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia) There are two methods for End Tidal Carbon Dioxide (ETCO2) monitoring in an anesthetized patient. One is blood gas analysis, which is considered the gold standard, and the other is capnography. The former requires a higher skill level to…

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