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Vetamac is the industry leader in the sale, maintenance, and repair of the latest anesthesia machines and their components.

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Vetamac is made up of veterinary experts who care. Our techs have a keen interest in the well-being of your patients.

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We are passionate veterinary experts who understand that education is as important as equipment.

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Vetamac has been providing excellent customer service since 1990, providing the maintenance, repair, and sale of the latest in animal health anesthesia machines and equipment. Vetamac is a recognized industry leader, made up of skilled, experienced experts who genuinely care for the patients that these machines serve. With over 100 combined years of experience, our service technicians are actual veterinary technicians who know how these machines affect animals.

Vetamac was born out of an observed need. Harry Latshaw, MS, RVT, VTS(Anesthesia), while working at the Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, noticed a great need for the proper maintenance of anesthesia machines.

"I discovered what we need to do. We need to service anesthesia machines because it's not getting done out there," recalls Harry's wife, Freida.

As a passionate teacher and certified technician, Harry knew that better service for the high-quality equipment used for the administration of anesthetic gases could be offered, and he was the one to provide it.

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Anesthetic Machines

We provide the latest veterinary anesthesia machines including: small animal machines, compact non-rebreathing, lab animal machines, and vaporizers.


Breathing Accessories

We have everything you need to help your patients breath easy. There's a long list of accessories available from diaphragms, masks, and breathing bags to adapters and esophageal stethoscopes.

Machine Replacement Components

You're covered if any part on your anesthesia machine needs replaced. We carry replacement components from many companies including: Ohio, VAD, Bickford, Fraser Sweatman, and more.

& More

Take a look at our store for our full selection of anesthesia machines and replacement parts and accessories.



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By: Michelle McConnell, LVT, VTS (A&A) | Winter 2020

Vetamac manufactures high-quality veterinary anesthesia machines utilizing high-grade materials and superior craftsmanship. Vetamac has been manufacturing veterinary anesthesia machines since 1990. Our machines are 100% American made in Rossville, Indiana by our dedicated staff. Vetamac anesthesia machines have an all-new design for 2021!

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