Activated Charcoal Canisters You Asked. We Listened.

 Vetamac Vapors Volume XV  Spring 2019 Cynthia Burns, RVT / Michelle McConnell, LVT, VTS (A&A) Activated Charcoal Canisters are used to help remove waste anesthetic gases (WAG) by a passive system. This passive method relies on the flow from an anesthesia machine (oxygen usually mixed with Isoflourane or Sevoflurane) and the anesthetized animal’s exhalation volume…

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Vetamac Vapors Vol. XIV Issue 4: Who is Team Vetamac?

Who is Team Vetamac? We are a veterinary anesthesia machine service company, AND we are a family. Vetamac has been in business for over 28 years, and we have forged significant bonds with one another and our clients. We are mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, husbands, wives and friends. We each care deeply about animals and…

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Vetamac Vapors Vol. XIV Issue 3: Capnography

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Capnography Vetamac Vapors Vol. XIV Issue 3 Fall 2018 By:Kelli Gill, RVT, VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia) There are two methods for End Tidal Carbon Dioxide (ETCO2) monitoring in an anesthetized patient. One is blood gas analysis, which is considered the gold standard, and the other is capnography. The former requires a higher skill level to…

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