Induction Chamber

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These induction chambers are made of clear, durable acrylic and feature a positive pressure gasket at the lid. The chambers have large, easy to use latches and non-skid feet. Standard anesthesia inlet and outlet ports are located on one side to reduce tubing in the procedure area and are positioned above the level where sleeping animals could create occlusions.
1 Liter Chamber ID 3.75"W x 4.50"D x 3.75"H
2 Liter Chamber   ID 3.75"W x 9.00"D x 3.75"H
7 Liter Chamber   ID 8.25"W x 8.75"D x 5.75"H
15 Liter Chamber ID 15.00"W x 7.50"D x 7.7"H

(Pictured is 2 Liter Induction Chamber)
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